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Reedmaking supply list

FOX: 1306 Cutting block (large billet) 1307 Plaque 1304 Mandrel 1304L Long mandrel 1302 Easel (or Forrests Pg 20 #1-04) 1335 Brass wire (22 gauge soft brass) FORRESTS ( Pisoni spiral reamer EDMUND NIELSEN WOODWINDS, INC. ( Bassoon cane –… Continue Reading →

Tutorial: Reed Renewal When a good reed ages and needs to vibrate more freely. Soak the reed. Crow for testing. Slide wet plaque in between blades of reed. Wet the wet-dry sandpaper. Keep in mind the taper of the blades… Continue Reading →

Mark’s Reedmaking Tutorial Series: Forming

Forming the cane is done after it has been gouged, profiled and shaped. 1. Soak the cane  overnight, 10-12 hours, or longer; until saturated (cane will sink to bottom).   Cut 3 pieces of wire about 4 inches, one piece 2… Continue Reading →

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