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Resource for Students: Reedmaking Inventory Outline.

As a part of the student resource series, I have outlined a reedmaking inventory checklist. This list is intended to supplement bassoon reed lessons. Please feel free to print this out and use it when determining what you need to obtain your… Continue Reading →

Reedmaking supply list

FOX: 1306 Cutting block (large billet) 1307 Plaque 1304 Mandrel 1304L Long mandrel 1302 Easel (or Forrests Pg 20 #1-04) 1335 Brass wire (22 gauge soft brass) FORRESTS ( Pisoni spiral reamer EDMUND NIELSEN WOODWINDS, INC. ( Bassoon cane –… Continue Reading →

Tutorial: Reed Renewal When a good reed ages and needs to vibrate more freely. Soak the reed. Crow for testing. Slide wet plaque in between blades of reed. Wet the wet-dry sandpaper. Keep in mind the taper of the blades… Continue Reading →

Mark’s Reedmaking Tutorial Series: Forming

Forming the cane is done after it has been gouged, profiled and shaped. 1. Soak the cane  overnight, 10-12 hours, or longer; until saturated (cane will sink to bottom).   Cut 3 pieces of wire about 4 inches, one piece 2… Continue Reading →

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